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About Us

Precision Plant Molecules (PPM) is a manufacturer of the highest quality CBD and non-psychotropic cannabinoid products, including “crude” oil, full and broad spectrum distillates, and isolates serving contract manufacturers and both craft and national consumer product brands in the health, natural, organic, food, beverage, skin care, smoking/vaporized, nutraceutical, supplement and vitamin markets. PPM is a global leader in providing supply chains with consistent, reliable, and the highest quality minor cannabinoid-based extracts, distillates, and concentrates.

Our goal, with every interaction with our customers, growers, employees, and the community is to build on the trusted relationship we have earned.

Hemp-derived cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN) are currently being offered. 

PPM's R&D team is actively exploring the science associated with proprietary processing techniques to provide innovative CPG and contract manufacturers with minor cannabinoids such as Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THC-V) and Cannabichromene (CBC). 

Who We Are

We are PhDs, experienced bench chemists, manufacturing process engineers, health and medical practitioners, phytoscience researchers, and other professionals united together to research and unlock cannabinoids from the hemp plant.  

Our company ethos is made from equal parts teamwork and collaboration, improving the quality of life accessible by everyone, quality and safety, science, and sustainability.

Proprietary Processing Methods; New Cannabinoid Products

Nature is the most advanced, photosynthesis-inspired R&D lab in the universe. At PPM, we work to apply existing methods and invent new technologies to refine and purify the bioactive molecules in the hemp plant such as 'minor' cannabinoids to create tailored products for our customers on a consistent basis. With the community and our customers, we are also fully engaged with whole plant and entourage effect research and its application to improve health.

PPM coined the term cannamimetic™ to describe naturally inspired ways to access the important bioactive, “minor” cannabinoids that currently manifest in existing hemp cultivars in de minimis concentrations. More consistent and effective plant-based extracts and concentrates can be formulated with these cannabinoids. Basically, PPM customized an existing scientific term, biomimetic, which means copying biochemical processes in Nature.  

Cannamimetics™ simply means following Mother Nature’s lead.  It is well known and extensively researched that during a hemp plant’s growth, various enzymatic, oxidation, photochemical and other bioprocesses produce cannabinoids and other bioactive compounds, transforming them during the course of the plant’s growth cycle. 

Our internal analytical lab, our research initiatives, and our ongoing participation with industry sharing help us make incremental and significant advances in our processes and products.

As CBN, CBG, CBC,CBD-A and other non-psychotropic cannabinoids are genetically bred and recognized for their therapeutic benefits, PPM will be at the forefront of isolating these molecules and creating novel ratios, as well as whole plant combinations (and THC-free versions)  to meet market demand.

Efficacy, via bioavailability, purity, and entourage and whole plant effects remain the ultimate goal in everything we do. Our efforts will continue to yield plant-based products to bring better health to all.

Our Products and Services

Hemp Crude Oil


 Our ethanol (grain alcohol) extraction equipment and process methodologies are designed to not harm the plant's natural attributes, be super clean and allow us to create exactly the specification crude our customers’ want, whether full or broad spectrum or purified to any defined degree, including THC-free versions.

Minor Cannabinoid and CBD Distillates

Our distillate is highly refined, and we can custom make any percentage/potency CBD, CBN, and CBG distillates desired by the customer, including THC-free products.  PPM’s products have impurities removed and are both tested internally and by a COA-issuing, independent test lab:  free of pesticides, heavy metals, contaminants, residual solvent. Always.

CBD Isolate


PPM's CBD isolate products (>99% purity) is world-class: potent, consistent, and meets the timeliness and quality standards required by exacting supply chain partners.


Our Biomass: PPM only partners with growers who are registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and grown in accordance to the 2018 Farm bill.

cGMP: PPM is licensed through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the state regulatory body for good manufacturing practices.

Safety and Sustainable: PPM’s state-of-the-art closed loop systems for zero solvent exposure and downstream processing equipment are all compliant with the National Electrical Code adopted by the State of Colorado and the National Fire Protection Association. PPM recycles without exception.

PPM’s highest priority is to make clean, compliant, responsible, and safe products and do so with minimal environmental impact.  Always.


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