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The cannabis boom could be good for science — and scientists

I’ve been a chemistry professor for 15 years and a chemist for longer than that. Through most of that time, I paid little heed to cannabis, thinking that this plant held one main chemical of interest: tetrahydrocannabinol, its psychoactive ingredient. I now know that cannabis contains a galaxy of unexplored compounds — cannabinoids, terpenes,

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Why Bioactive Terpenes Will Soon Share Headlines with CBD and Other Cannabinoids

Today, particularly in the US and the Western Cultures, we live in a world where prescription and over the counter medicines are synthetically manufactured. But do they have to be the only approach to heal illnesses or improve human wellbeing? We should not forget where it all began. Medicines made from plants, including Cannabis

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The future of cannabis products is bespoke and personalized

The future of cannabis products is bespoke and personalized A look into the cannabinoid crystal ball: It’s 2021, and you walk into your grocery store’s wellness section in search of an effective natural remedy specially formulated to help you shake off the stress of the day and sleep soundly. A coworker had mentioned that

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Beyond CBD: Four Emerging Cannabinoids To Watch In Skincare And Topicals

CBD and THC are the most visible cannabinoids in the wellness and skincare industries today, but with more than 100 known cannabinoids, others are muscling in. Fueled by growing consumer interest, technological innovation and an ever-expanding body of scientific research, so-called minor cannabinoids with promising therapeutic and cosmetic potential are jockeying to be the next

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