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CBN, Carboxylesterase 1, P450, In Vitro – Huh?

Warning: Short, Technical, and No Worries if this Newsletter is not for you but only for the True Cannabinoid Geeks Dosing matters is obvious. Timing and mode of drug or supplement administration highly relevant. Even when and what you eat or drink makes a difference and can be problematic, positive, or neutral in terms

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Five Cutting-Edge Cannabinoid Production Methods to Watch

Science continues to transform the cannabis industry. By Andrea Holmes, PhD, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Precision Plant Molecules04.09.20 Nature inspires virtually all of the all-time best-selling medicines: aspirin from willow trees, caffeine from the coffee bean—even some with beneficial-but-dangerous qualities, like the poppy flower’s natural opiates which have led to lab-produced opioids. Science

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41 | Andrea Holmes, Ph.D., Organic Chemist, Precision Plant Molecules

“We're heading towards, CRISPR. We're heading towards optimization of the genome of cannabis and we're heading towards figuring out how is that all going to match with the human genome…” — Andrea Holmes, Ph.D. THC is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to active ingredients in cannabis. Scientists like Andrea Holmes, Ph.D., of Precision

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