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CBC is an Ambidextrous Phytocannabinoid. Might it be the Next “It” Cannabinoid? What do snails have to do with CBC?

Why CBC is one of the Big "4": CBC, CBD, CBG and THC In PPM's previous newsletter, we talked about Cannabichromene (CBC) being chiral, having both a right- and left-hand molecule geometry. In Nature, it is fairly rare that she produces both stereoisomers in equal proportions. The chemical term for this equal ratio is

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Cannabinoids like CBC can be a “Righty” or a “Lefty” – But Let’s Keep Politics Out!

Don't worry, Naturally Occurring Molecules can be Chiral but such Phytocannabinoids are Not Making a Political Statement. Let's use Cannabichromene (CBC) as an example. First the Facts: 1. CBC is a naturally-occurring so-called "minor" cannabinoid and is increasingly in demand by formulators to make more effective remedies and medicines and may be an important contributor to the

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