Personalized Remedies and Medicines with Gummies

For nearly 100 years, gummies – those stick to the teeth, fruity, sweet, fun to pop in the mouth – bears, worms, fish, rings, fried eggs, soda bottles, dinosaurs – were candy.

In the last ten or so years, they have been the fastest growing mode for adult vitamins, supplements, and now cannabinoids.

Vegan, sugar-free, and even pet versions of gummies now exist. Some varieties make you wonder.

But it does make sense to personalize your cannabinoid regime. Sky blue-colored CBN-dominant gummies, mellow yellow CBG-dominant gummies, and hemp green for a full spectrum gummy – all from a trusted brand makes a lot of sense as we all strive for personalized, as needed, health and wellness alternatives using bioactive naturally occurring cannabinoids.

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The New York Times points out that in 2012, Perrigo, a global supplement and generic drug maker, introduced gummy multivitamin products for adults. Copycats immediately followed their lead. Gummy type, ingestible form factors for adults have now achieved leading market shares in many segments.


A long list of other factors also account for gummies popularity. Dysphagia (swallowing risk) or aversion to swallowing by many people, “pill fatigue” for those taking multiple daily medications and supplements, “they taste good”, ie, like candy, and social acceptance, are all factors driving the continued popularity of gummies. And now gummies are morphing into exploding liquid-center gummies, soft chews, oral dissolving bites, and all kinds of fun and delectable shapes, textures and exciting surprises in a serving. 

As the established CPG companies now begin to use cannabinoids in gummy formats are scrambling to overcome manufacturing challenges. Gummies are notoriously difficult to make compared to pills, softgels, and tablets. Canna chemistry adds to the complexity and challenge to make the perfect gummy. Accurate serving sizes, maintaining shelf stability, machinery issues, excipients, and preventing individual gummies from forming a big glob are a few of pitfalls of a poorly engineered and produced gummy. 

Who would have thought that gummies would become so popular to deliver cannabinoids to improve health and wellness, and broaden lifestyle choices, that are individualized, and non-pharmaceutical, non-alcohol, and non-nicotine in character!

What Makes PPM Unique:

PPM is led by a team of advanced-degreed scientists with pharmaceutical industry and university research backgrounds representing over 100 years of chemistry and plant medicine experience. 

PPM is committed to advancing the science and providing innovative true whole hemp plant extracts with fully customizable cannabinoid profiles, and minor and rare cannabinoid-based ingredients, both 100% hemp-derived and biosynthesized from hemp plant precursors versions including CBN, CBC, CBT, CBDA, THCV, CBDV, etc. to leading consumer product supply chains worldwide. 

Personalized medicine with naturally-occurring cannabinoids from PPM.

Clean. Consistent. Compliant. 

Every day, every team member at PPM is inspired by the possibilities of plant-based medicine and remedies, and Mother Nature’s genius. 

Krystle Jarrett
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