Minor Cannabinoids: Biosynthesis, Molecular Pharmacology and Potential Therapeutic Uses

Minor Cannabinoids: Biosynthesis, Molecular Pharmacology and Potential Therapeutic Uses Kenneth B. Walsh1*, Amanda E. McKinney2,3 and Andrea E. Holmes3,4 1Department of Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience, School of Medicine, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, United States 2Institute for Human and Planetary Health, Crete, NE, United States 3School of Integrative Learning, Doane University, Crete, NE, United States 4Precision

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Terpenes: The Little-Known Compounds That Make Cannabis a Better Medicine

You may be tempted to take terpenes lightly, because these fragrant compounds are among the favorite chemicals of marijuana mega-fans and aromatherapy advocates. But their turn in the scientific and medical spotlight may have arrived. After decades of strong, but inconclusive, evidence of the role of terpenes in the therapeutic effects of medical cannabis,

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These Six Women Are Cannabis Pioneers In Nebraska

They are physicians, researchers, scientists, senators, professors, directors, vice presidents, deans, cultivators, entrepreneurs, and business owners from Nebraska — their backgrounds and training are varied. They are six inspired and mission-driven women who are leading the way and pushing the innovative frontiers of cannabis-related industry and education, not only in Nebraska but worldwide. Coincidentally,

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Why Is a Small Liberal Arts University Becoming a Leader In Cannabis Education?

Doane University, a small liberal arts school located in rural Nebraska, has taken a leap forward to become an international innovator in cannabis education through its School of Integrative Learning. Last year, Doane University, under the leadership of its Director of Cannabis Studies Dr. Andrea Holmes, launched a Cannabis Certificate Program. The program, titled

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Andrea Holmes, Ph.D. – Learn About the Minor Cannabinoids!

Andrea Holmes, Ph.D. - Learn About the Minor Cannabinoids! This lively 30-min. interview by Hemp Heroes host Neshama Abraham with Dr. Andrea Holmes, Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder of Precision Plant Molecules, discusses the up and coming minor cannabinoids CBG and CBN. Published July 27th, 2020

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What does the Gut Microbiome have to do with Cannabinoids?

This article was co-authored with Amanda McKinney, MD, co-founder of A&A Apothecary. All humans and plants have evolved with a symbiotic relationship with microorganisms. Humans are no exception, and the role our microbiome, principally our intestinal microbiota and its metabolic output, appears to significantly impact human biology. The human gut microbiome (GM) is composed of between

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Hemp cannabinoids: CBD (and THC) aren’t the half of it – webinar

The buzzy plant part of cannabis is thanks to THC, which is still a Schedule 1 controlled substance. The cannabinoid with the most buzz in the supplements set is CBD. But there are more than a hundred other cannabinoids in the plant—and you haven’t heard anything yet. Join us as we explore the emerging

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The Emerging Science Of Cannabis and CBD

THE EMERGING SCIENCE OF CANNABIS AND CBD A NutraIngredients-USA editorial webinar START DATE:MAY 14, 2020 START TIME:11:30AM CT (CHICAGO) DURATION:60 MINUTES ABSTRACT: Anecdotal evidence abounds for CBD and hemp supplements, but what does the actual scientific literature say? What potential benefits are biologically plausible, why and how? What kind of doses are needed to elicit

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