How One Professor Is Using Colorimetric Analysis to Broaden Cannabis Research

Health, wellness, and pharmacological benefits put cannabis on the map, but the industry suffers from a lack of transparency, limited human clinical studies, and regulatory confusion and contradictions. And although analytical technology has broadened scientists’ ability to identify and quantify different types of cannabinoids, Dr. Andrea Holmes—professor of chemistry at Doane University in Crete,

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Nebraska University Is Latest School To Offer Cannabis Courses For Career-Minded Professionals

A private Nebraska university is the newest school to offer a training program for students interested in careers in the cannabis industry. This fall, Doane University will launch an online three-course program entitled “Cannabis Science and Industries: Seeds to Needs,” according to a school press release. Designed by cannabis industry experts and academics with advanced degree credentials,

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Don’t Let Your CBD Processor Torch the Terps!

Don’t Let Your CBD Processor Torch the Terps! Have you ever wondered what makes fruits, flowers, and spices smell so pleasant? And what about a strain of hemp which has all the complexity of the bouquet of fine wine? Terps! or more formally known as terpenes and terpenoids are responsible for the aromatics. But

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Using Colorimetric Sensor Arrays for Cannabinoid Detection

Using Colorimetric Sensor Arrays for Cannabinoid Detection A novel method for analyte detection shows promising applications for both cannabis and hemp markets. Colorimetric analysis has been a popular technique within the field of chemistry, specifically for measuring the concentration of compounds within a solution. The concept is simple: a light source at a specific

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PPM: Tailoring Cannabis to Create Medicine for the Masses

Cannabis is a plant that remains largely stigmatised, along with people who consume or condone it. However, Dr Andrea Holmes and her colleagues at Precision Plant Molecules are revealing the numerous hidden benefits of cannabis, when processed with precision. This Colorado-based company is using advanced chemical and analytical techniques to isolate naturally produced medicinal compounds and

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From Testing For Chemical Weapons To Pain Relief With CBD. Andrea Holmes Shares Her Story

In this episode Andrea Holmes shares her journey from creating an app for testing for chemicals to now working with a start up delivering pain relief through CBD. Resources mentioned:

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