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    CBN (Cannabinol)
    • CBN Isolate (>99% pure)
    • Naturally-occurring CBN Molecule for More Effective Plant Medicine and Remedies

    CBN (Cannabinol)

    PPM’s CBN isolate is over 99% pure. CBN is not scheduled as a controlled substance.

    The purity of the CBN isolate has been tested by HPLC, LC-MS, GCMS, NMR, IR, melting point, and elemental analysis. All analytical test results demonstrated the high quality and purity of PPM’s CBN isolate.

    PPM’s CBN isolate is processed in compliance with cGMP. It is available in kilo quantities.

    Cannabinol Molecule

    Molar mass: 310.4319 g/mol

    Formula: C21H26O2

    ChemSpider ID: 2447

    PPM is a trusted supply chain partner and cannabinoid ingredient provider to some of the largest global consumer product companies.

    Solid research and reliable data continues to substantiate the efficacy of CBN for consumer branded product companies that want to formulate effective, distinctive, and innovative products in the plant-based health and wellness sector.

    THC-Free CBN Isolate Health and Wellness Benefits

    Increasing interest in CBN isolate that is hemp derived has steadily grown as demonstrated by the rapidly expanding number of publications and patent disclosures.

    CBN (Cannabinol) Sleep

    CBN has received most attention in recent months due to its potential to reduce anxiety, attention hyperactivity deficit disorder (ADHD), and chronic insomnia. (Hyperlink 1) Several delivery methods are used to make CBN highly bioavailable, including pulmonary, nasal, oral, and transdermal pathways. In fact, CBN transdermal combination therapy with CBD is currently explored for improved transdermal delivery rates and human skin penetration. (Hyperlink 2) That is why CBN isolate that is greater than 99% pure is highly effective when considering precise and fully customizable dosing and formulations of CBD to CBN ratios or other rare cannabinoids that have been shown in studies and in comparison to diazepam for continuous sleep and less awakenings. (Hyperlink 3 Worldwide Patent: WO2019082181)

    CBN isolate also has been reported to have anti-microbial and analgesic effects to relieve chronic muscle pain disorders such as temporomandibular disorders and fibromyalgia without central side effects were reported in the animal model. (Hyperlink 4 and 5)

    The first human trial started in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where InMed’s  Pharmaceuticals is exploring CBN as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to treat the symptoms of epidermolysis bullosa. CBN has also been investigated in pre-clinical trials by InMEd’s for glaucoma as a neuroprotectant to the retinal ganglion cells. (Hyperlink 6)

    Also available at PPM is THC-free 100% hemp derived CBN concentrate. This premium plant derived distillate is fully tested and contains many of the other phytocompounds that work synergistically with CBN for an entourage effect.

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    All studies reported here have been published in the scientific peer-reviewed literature. From our survey and in our judgement, the articles cited are recent and relevant to the potential health and wellness benefits of rare cannabinoids but does not include all literature that exists. It must be noted that most clinical trials have been performed on the animal model or in vitro on cells. More research is required including human trials to demonstrate and understand efficacy, serving and dosing sizes, potential side effects, effects on at-risk populations, and drug interactions related to the use of minor cannabinoids. 

    Technical Data Sheet

    PPM wholesales bulk ingredients intended for dilution and formulation prior to sale to end-use customers.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Any product mentioned is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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