Chocolate and Cannabinoids:

They go great together. A near-perfect delivery mode – enhanced bioavailability, great taste, antioxidant-rich, the list goes on.

Analytical testing of CBN, CBG, THC, and CBD in a chocolate matrix brings in canna chemistry from both the processing as well as analytical chemistry domains.

Proper dosing/serving size, product labeling, accurate testing on the med/rec side, and formulation issues make this a highly relevant topic.

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Here’s the gist: “A group recently published a study in the ACS journal Agricultural and Food Chemistry titled, “Investigation of Chocolate Matrix Interference on Cannabinoid Analytes”. In this work, the investigators studied chocolate interference of cannabinoid concentration measurements in a series of controlled experiments.”

And here is why you may want to read on: “The matrix interference was more pronounced for delta-9-THC and CBN, which both contain a single phenolic -OH group, compared with CBD and CBG, which contain two phenolic -OH groups each.”

For analytical chemistry geeks, check out this paper:

For canna geeks, you may just want to read this article which provides a synopsis of the scientific paper:

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