Top 10 Reasons Why The Red and Blue are Pro-CBD
(and CBG, CBN, CBC)

The opioid crisis needs new pathways to decrease its tragic human consequences. CBD appears to be one such approach.

Pain hurts. Less pain is better. No one wants to be chronically inflamed. Is anyone in disagreement on these issues?

CBD is non-addictive, non-toxic, non-psychotropic (non-intoxicating), and is Federally legal as a hemp derivative.

Hemp is good for people and the planet. It promotes homeostasis, helping balance body and mind systems. And it is a super “cover” crop, restoring soil and able to grow abundantly.

The science of cannabinoids is playing catch up after being severely constrained since the 1930s. The clinical research that has been unleashed by the Farm Bill of 2018 will substantiate its effectiveness and both parties like to be proven “right” in their causes.

Both parties are advocates for farmers, and hemp is a big boost for the agricultural economy.

CBD is an affordable, non-pharma wellness and health supplement. Consumers want choices and embrace botanical products, vitamins, supplements, and non-prescription medicines. “HempCare” may be a plank on the platform at both conventions.

Mental health treatment including anxiety and depression needs more treatment methodologies. Say no more.

The ancient Egyptians used it. Socrates and the big thinkers either did or would have. Chinese doctors prescribe it as medicine. Even Victorian-era doctors did too. Soccer Moms love it. Pet owners embrace it for their pooches.

And the number #1 reason why Democrats and Republicans agree on CBD . . . .

Because there is nothing objectionable about something that is helping so many voters!

About PPM
PPM, is a science-based, non-psychotropic cannabinoids processor and supplier, serving the most exacting consumer products companies worldwide as a trusted cGMP and compliant supply chain partner. We only manufacture fully traceable, clean extracts of the highest purity and customize them to each of our customer’s specific profile requirements.

We are applying pharma and other industry methodologies to pioneering new products, including novel bioavailability, formulation ratios of CBD and minor cannabinoids (CBN, CBG, CBC, and others) and terpenes, and various oil and distillate offerings that are THC-free.

David Symonsbergen - Chief Science Officer


David Symonsbergen – Chief Science Officer

Serving as CSO, David leads PPM’s science “factory” that is inspired by the philosophy of Edison’s original industrial research lab. He leads PPM’s research group focused on purification and refinement, as well as biomimetically processing hemp into plant-derived products and concentrates. Making custom CBD and minor cannabinoids-based products with specific phytochemical profiles allow PPM’s customers to bring to market efficacious, safe and novel products.

A former medicinal chemist and top producer at one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, Dave’s understanding of both pharmacokinetics and bioavailability contribute to PPM’s ever-expanding product line. The PPM company principles of safety, efficacy, quality, and consistency are the foremost priorities in Dave’s scientific approach. Dave earned a Masters in Synthetic Organic Chemistry at the University of Nebraska and has worked for several companies including Novartis and Rieke Metals. David most recently founded and served as the CEO at Novel Chemical Solutions. He is tireless, creative, a first principal thinker, continuously experimenting, and discovering innovative techniques and methodologies.

Contact: [email protected]