Greetings from Precision Plant Molecules (PPM)

We are introducing PPM, a science-based, non-psychotropic cannabinoids processor and supplier, serving the most exacting consumer products companies worldwide as a trusted supply chain partner. PPM’s proprietary hemp extraction, refinement, purification technologies, and its state-of-the-art analytical testing and R&D lab instrumentation ensure its products are consistent. We are providing fully traceable, clean extracts of the highest purity and customize them to each of our customer’s specific profile requirements.

We are now partnering with consumer products companies – regional, national and global, to provide THC-free, full spectrum oil, distillates, isolates, and cannabinoid-based ingredient combinations enhanced with PPM’s technologies for greater bioavailability. CBN, CBC, CBG, and other cannabinoids identified for their therapeutic and wellness benefits will soon be available in commercial quantities.

PPM will be a leader in science and technology, as we bring together PhDs, scientists, bench chemists, engineers, QA/QC specialists, food science manufacturing experts, botanists, physicians, and other technical team members to ADVANCE the science, INNOVATE, and PROVIDE the highest quality cannabinoids to those customers who demand the best: pure, consistent, and custom products.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, stop by our new facility, check out our new website, AND tell the scientists at PPM what cannabinoids you will need in 2019 to distinguish your consumer products and achieve your growth plans.

Precision Plant Molecules
2300 E. 76th Avenue, #100
Welby, CO 80229

For more information please email [email protected]