Rare Cannabinoid Concentrates & Extracts; Specialty Distillates

PPM formulates custom products for customers with high concentrations or fixed ratios of the “minor” cannabinoids: CBN, CBG, CBC, THCV, CBDV and others. For example, if a customer specifies a 5:1:1 fixed ratio of CBD:CBG:CBC, PPM will provide this consistent product harvest-to-harvest to meet a customer’s requirements. PPM appreciates the “no excuses” level of reliability required by its supply chain partners. Cannamimetics™, i.e, understanding hemp’s phytosynthesis in all of its complexity and breadth continues to inspire the discovery of proprietary processing methods and techniques by PPM scientists.

THC – Free True Full Spectrum Extracts, Oils & Distillates; Fully Customizable Cannabinoid Profiles

PPM uses advanced, proprietary processing techniques to remove the THC from hemp without harming the plant’s natural entourage of bioactive phytocompounds and nutrients.
The term “THC-Free” can mean many different things. PPM can produce THC-Free bulk ingredients to your exacting specifications, consistently, reliably, and to cGMP standards.
At PPM, our internal and third-party testing ensures you receive the degree of THC remediation required. Rigorous QA/QC processes and systems and a trained team with a strong product safety and quality-first culture ensure consistency.
PPM produces several degrees of THC-free products that range from “non-detect” levels using industry standard analytical chemistry instrumentation to a level of <0.1% (1000ppm and the legal limit in certain international markets) to “legal, compliant limit” which in the US is <0.3% THC.
Bespoke and ready to blend products are desired by some consumer branded products companies and their contract manufacturers for ease of formulation. Hemp seed, MCT and other carrier oils can be used to meet such customer requirements.
PPM will also remediate the THC in customer provided oil and distillate on a toll processing services basis.

Distillation and Custom Distillate Products

PPM’s proprietary distillation science, techniques, and methods allow for customization of distillates of different potencies, profiles, and other characteristics, in addition to THC-free distillates. PPM uses many different proprietary separation, isolation and purification methods for hemp and botanical processing using equipment modified by PPM’s engineers and technicians.  As with the initial extraction processing step, PPM’s distillation equipment is optimized to allow precise control of temperatures to prevent thermal decomposition of volatile phytocompounds. Precise control of the distillation process is critical for the production of CBD and other cannabinoid distillates with their full, nature-made medicinal attributes.

Isolation and Isolates

PPM has also designed its proprietary isolation equipment and optimized its processes to produce highly-refined, 100% THC-free , >99% purity cannabinoid isolates. 

Ethanol Extraction: True Full Spectrum Oils

PPM has designed a proprietary closed-loop, integrated cryogenic ethanol (grain alcohol) extraction process to consistently make the highest quality full-spectrum CBD oil. Maintaining cryogenic temperature throughout the entire extraction process preserves the terpenes, terpenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols and phytocannabinoids, leaving behind plant sugars, waxes and lipids.  PPM’s full spectrum CBD oil is of the highest quality, and prepared to meet specific standards required by our customers. PPM can also “dial-in” a profile to meet an individual customer’s specifications.  Similarly, PPM can also extract at ambient temperature and also custom manufacture a product for customer that retains a wax and lipid profile. 

PPM recovers the the phytocannabinoid oil and recycles the ethanol using falling film evaporators that are superior to other methodologies and allow PPM to preserve heat sensitive compounds. PPM uses a unique winterization and decarboxylation process to most effectively remove additional unwanted fats and lipids to produce a clean, honey-colored full spectrum CBD oil. PPM’s full spectrum oil is rich in CBD and minor phytocannabinoids that are known to have wellness and health benefits, owing to the entourage effect.  Other customers are interested in the attributes of full spectrum oil but without THC.  PPM can make a so-called broad spectrum CBD oil from full spectrum crude oil instead of the industry-standard technique of making THC-free broad spectrum oil from CBD isolate which is reconstituted with a terpene profile and other plant material.

PPM wholesales bulk ingredients intended for dilution and formulation prior to sale to end-use customers.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Any product mentioned is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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