From Testing For Chemical Weapons To Pain Relief With CBD. Andrea Holmes Shares Her Story

In this episode Andrea Holmes shares her journey from creating an app for testing for chemicals to now working with a start up delivering pain relief through CBD. Resources mentioned:

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Finally! Democrats and Republicans Agree on Something . . . CBD

Top 10 Reasons Why The Red and Blue are Pro-CBD (and CBG, CBN, CBC) #10 The opioid crisis needs new pathways to decrease its tragic human consequences. CBD appears to be one such approach. #9 Pain hurts. Less pain is better. No one wants to be chronically inflamed. Is anyone in disagreement on these

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Garbage In, Garbage CBD Out

Dirty CBD: Dirty, Dangerous and Dozens of Them Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Residual Solvents, Mycotoxins, Yeasts, Molds, E.Coli and Salmonella Great care and expertise (and of course accurate testing) from the field to the final CBD formulation must be taken by farmer and processor alike to ensure a safe and efficacious CBD consumer experience. Whether

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Precision Plant Molecules Frustrated with your Third-Party Test Results?

Precision Plant Molecules Frustrated with your Third-Party Test Results? Have you ever wondered why different third-party testing labs can test the same samples or batches, but then provide varying test results? Have your potency results ever been reported as > 100% CBD? LET’S SHED SOME LIGHT ON THESE MYSTERIES. Precision Plant Molecules manufactures CBD products

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