The Three Basics of a Trusted, Reliable, Consistent and Superior Quality Supply Chain Partner

Is your CBD processor compliant with regulatory bodies?
Do they document and verify all product and source materials?
Do they prioritize their consumers, and thus, value safety above all else?

Here are three basics that all processors should be adhering to:

1. Compliance
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is the regulatory body for licensing manufacturing facilities and enforcing the current Good Manufacturing Practices code (cGMP) mandated by the FDA.

As of January 2019, the code includes:
Disease/Pest control
Proper Storage
Compliant facility construction and design
Sanitary Operations

The entire Code of Federal Regulations can be found here.

PPM engages in active communication with state regulators to ensure this emerging industry adopts safe and appropriate requirements to improve health.

2. Documentation & Traceability
The CDPHE will inspect production facilities and has the authority to verify that the hemp biomass is below 0.3% THC potency.

PPM’s analytical testing provides quality assurance throughout the entire process: from biomass procurement to production of crude oil, distillate, and isolate. Every incoming and outgoing shipment is accompanied by a CoA: a Certificate of Analysis verified and validated by both PPM’s in-house analytical testing facility and a third-party lab.

End-to-end biomass traceability is a critical component of compliance. PPM only partners with growers who are registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and grow in accordance with the 2018 Farm bill.

3. Safety
By additional testing of pesticides, microbials and residual solvents, responsible supply chain partners, like PPM, ensure that its CBD oils, distillates and isolates are safe for consumers. Does your supplier conduct this testing?

Reach out to your processor to ask if they are fully compliant and meet these standards. It is everybody’s responsibility to improve consumer confidence and the reputation of the Hemp industry.

Jazmin Oliver
Precision Plant Molecules
R&D Chemist

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Jazmin Oliver

Jazmin Oliver – R&D Chemist

Jazmin Oliver is a key member of PPM’s research and development team. Jazmin has a diverse scientific background and brings to PPM hemp industry insight from her career experiences. Jazmin has helped design PPM’s proprietary refinement and purification process to ensure our customers can depend on PPM products to be ‘to spec’ each and every time. In addition to making superior quality and purity products, Jazmin’s priorities include safety, compliance, process efficiency and data analytics as she continues to contribute to fractional distillation, isolation and unique cannabinoid formulation advancements.

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The Three Basics of a Trusted, Reliable, Consistent and Superior Quality Supply Chain Partner